12 septembre 2022 / Événements

"Andar per boschi": Panguaneta and its commitment to the environment at the Mantua literature festival

The twenty-sixth edition of the Mantua Literature Festival revolved around sustainability.

Through its Pangua Panka, Panguaneta gave evidence of the attention that it pays to the environment and territory within the initiative called “Walking through the woods”, which included a playful scientific- literary survey of the green areas in the city.
The five-day Literature Festival boasted over 350 events and 370 Italian and international authors, and gathered 42,000 persons who attended the paid events and 14,000 persons who took part in the free-admission meetings. The event was also largely followed online with 500,000 users and over 55,000 interactions on Facebook and Instagram, not to mention a record milestone of 3 million views and 125,000 likes on TikTok.
The Pangua Panka benches allowed the participants to take a break during the Festival and rediscover the value of Italian poplar plywood and its short supply chain: a circular material by its nature that respects the environment, people and territory.

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