Dedication and coherence

The family, the environment, transparency and loyalty to its origins: Panguaneta strongly believes in business transparency and respect for these values. Its commitment and planning for the future is marked by sustainable development, promotion, sharing, and a “green” mentality in every sector of the supply chain.

Virtuous industrial cycle

From the standpoint of entrepreneurial and social relationships, Panguaneta is, above all, an entity with a virtuous industrial cycle. The core of the company’s production, in fact, makes use of local cultivations that are mostly – “zero miles” raw materials – transformed into plywood, able to successfully replace non-certified raw materials produced through systems that have a more critical impact on the environment.

Beneficial ecological features

With forest and environmental certifications, farming innovations and advanced industrial systems, the ecological feature of Panguaneta’s productions have substantially progressed during the time. Thanks to the latest technology of its biomass energy plant, the factory is energy self-sufficient. This is an important result, an unparalleled level of “green” processing in Europe and worldwide.

Global balance

Panguaneta plays a leading role in international events and technical roundtable discussions of the sector, and has a say in forestry issues, with its firm conviction in good industrial practices that contribute to global ecologic equilibrium.

Fluvial landscape

Panguaneta has a beneficial impact also on the local economy’s sustainable development, and promotes employment and the territory, contributing in a decisive way to the quality and maintenance of the typical fluvial landscape of the Po Valley, an indisputably valuable environmental and relational asset.