Pride, without prejudice

Strong bonds, group spirit and unwavering loyalty has lead Panguaneta to acknowledge labour with the value and dignity it deserves, and this is the reason it has enjoyed the important and constructive contribution of its workforce. The pride of its factory lies in the qualities of the people who have shared in building its history, development, and organisation.

From near and far

There are those who came from nearby farms to work in the factory, and those who came from far off places. Panguaneta has attracted and supported individuals with various professional know-how, from farming to industrial automation and above all, professionally trained many young people. 

A healthy environment

The quality of its corporate organisation, numerous certifications achieved, and attentive production cycles and related services make up a healthy workplace, more than ever projected towards the future. Maturity, professionalism and responsibility are the qualities Panguaneta has constantly upheld.

Sustainability as a lifestyle

The relationships between the various divisions, operational procedures, and dedicated work hours are all factors of the company’s informed sustainability and business responsibility which Panguaneta nurtures with passion together with its workforce. It is also a sign of respect for work which fully embodies the company’s founding values.