Quality Orientation

Due to an overall concept of quality, Panguaneta targets to satisfy all its stakeholders, expanding the success of the Brand in the international markets. Within this perspective the customers are the company’s first assets: every choice is oriented towards them, and every product meets the features they request.

Motivated drive

Panguaneta staff members are qualified and competent thanks to their continual training. They are aware, motivated and fully participate in every corporate phase. Transparency of intentions and objectives, and corporate improvement in all sectors are based on an extremely developed organisational process.

Maximum Integration

Panguaneta’s owners firmly believe in quality as the drive engine of development and competitiveness, with the participation of suppliers with whom the company has built solid and fruitful relationships.

Quality as the protector of the environment

Its commitment to the Chain of Custody of the FSC® and the PEFC™ is an additional Panguaneta guarantee. In fact the company does not make use of wood gathered from areas where traditions or civil rights have been violated or where there are ongoing armed conflicts, or from areas that have been menaced or illegally cultivated, or even from natural areas converted into plantations with genetically modified trees (GMOs).

Stringent Controls

In monitoring its objectives, Panguaneta ensures the utmost reactivity in the control of critical points. Quality control principles are translated into standard measures, with interventions and activities that help to reach each objective.