The guiding values

In all its relationships with the community it belongs to, and with customers, suppliers, workers and all the stakeholders, Panguaneta undertakes to build a responsible, informed and mutual relationship. This is a substantial strong point of synergy which projects it towards the future.

Business mission

In its tradition and managerial innovation, Panguaneta is linked to the entrepreneurship of the Azzi and Tenca families which have been rooted in the region of Sabbioneta for generations, cultivating their natural calling to poplar processing. The history of the owners, the factory and the workforce, are part of this mission.

Solid trademark

Panguaneta and its “poplar” culture is a great corporate Trademark. This implies a set of activities like listening to the stories of the children in the district taking walks in the woods, watching fathers, uncles, clerks and labourers intent on their work, observing the clones grow, treasuring experiences and consciously weaving one’s own story, in the varied implications enclosed in the human and corporate dimension of the Trademark.

Code of conduct

The particularity of Panguaneta plywood can be traced to a great respect for the environment, living with passion the artisanal mastery of processing, despite its undeniable industrial scale. Respect for nature, work, and the company’s code of conduct, is a formidable impulse towards responsible actions.

Business enterprises and territory

Attentiveness to the problems of the territory is the logical consequence of Panguaneta’s code of conduct. This involves a loyal and responsible attitude towards its own roots, the territory, and the founders, the men and women who shared and helped to bring the company to its current levels of excellence.