The 50th edition of the World Economic Forum held Davos in the Swiss Alps has just ended.

This year, Panguaneta celebrates its 60th anniversary; over the years, the company has been working to strengthen and expand the reach of its brand in the world, deeply rooted in the territory and in the municipality of Sabbioneta, which is included in the Unesco heritage list.

Trees and plantations as the best allies to combat the negative impacts of climate change: a positive contribution comes from Italy to respond to the climate emergency with the certification of natural services of 352 hectares of poplar grove in the provinces of Mantua and Parma.

"The wood that excites". InLuce the wooden installation that "studies" memory and improves the quality of life by means of light and design - and all the design projects by Panguaneta.

Panguaneta was the protagonist of the 2019 FSC® General Assembly, which was held in Castelfranco d'Oglio, near Cremona, Italy, an important event that gathers the members to assess and discuss the development of standards, policies and procedures, thus joining forces for the future management of forests.

Panguaneta supports art, talent and territory: this year the company sponsored Förderverein für junge Sänger und Musiker(an association for the promotion of young singers and musicians) of Düsseldorf, which organised in cooperation with Amici del Teatro all’Antica di Sabbioneta two evenings dedicated to music in the name of Leonardo da Vinci.

"Panguaneta: a new sustainability goal". Panguaneta is mentioned in the September 2019 issue of Xylon with a new sustainability goal: the “SGE” energy management certification according to the 50001 standard issued by the Dnv-Gl international organization.

Panguaneta is pleased to present the new corporate video: a journey along the great river Po to discover the poplar plantations, the factory, the history and the values ​​of the company.

Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of Panguaneta and President of Assopannelli FederlegnoArredo, participated last 7 June 2019 in a conference called "La pioppicoltura italiana: situazione attuale e prospettive (The poplar cultivation in Italy: present situation and future prospects)".

Panguaneta, a leader in the field of Made-in-Italy poplar plywood, obtained the SGE Energy Management System certification issued by the DNV-GL international certification body according to the 50001 standard.