Panguaneta is pleased to present the new corporate video: a journey along the great river Po to discover the poplar plantations, the factory, the history and the values ​​of the company.

Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of Panguaneta and President of Assopannelli FederlegnoArredo, participated last 7 June 2019 in a conference called "La pioppicoltura italiana: situazione attuale e prospettive (The poplar cultivation in Italy: present situation and future prospects)".

Panguaneta, a leader in the field of Made-in-Italy poplar plywood, obtained the SGE Energy Management System certification issued by the DNV-GL international certification body according to the 50001 standard.

A light and strong accommodation will host cyclists during their trips. A housing unit specifically designed according to environmental and social sustainability criteria, scientific research, recycling, enhancement of the territory as well as of the historical heritage. The project was developed by the Polytechnic University of Turin (the Recyclo student team) and was carried out by Panguaneta.

Award conferred on the Mantua-based company that produces poplar plywood.

InLuce. The wooden installation that "studies" memory and improves the quality of life by means of light and design.

Panguaneta has been awarded as one of the 600 Italian SMEs who are boosting the economy in Italy: this award comes from the analysis made by the Study Center of Italy post for L’Economia, the finance weekly magazine of the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, presented on occasion of the event "L’Italia genera futuro" (“Italy is breeding future”).

Panguaneta addresses the global challenge for sustainable development by entering a virtuous circle between business and the environment, with an industrial plan that aims at achieving an all-encompassing sustainability: for the environment, the people and the territory.

Panguaneta has always taken on commitments both at Italian and international level in trade associations to promote the interests of the industry and to strengthen its leading role on the Italian poplar markets.

Panguaneta’s Code of Ethics derives from the attention and the respect for people and their work.