27 October 2021 / Events

"Panguaneta Sustainability Tour" @ Perugia

Panguaneta is a partner ofMicromegàsuoni (one of the works of the first edition of SUPERBLAST, the artist residence project promoted by NAM (Not A Museum, the contemporary art program promoted by ManifatturaTabacchi of Florence), which was hosted from 21 to 23 October in Perugia during Green Table, an international event revolving around future and sustainable architecture and design.

The installation, performed by IPER-Collettivo in collaboration with PEFC Italia, was made with the short supply chain poplar wood provided by Panguaneta. The plywood sculpture consists of two identical totems placed in two communicating places: the city and the forest. The sound of the forest will be amplified by the shape of the structure, which acts as a sounding board for a sensorial communication between the city and nature.

Micromegàsuoni was presented by IPER-collective during an evening event entitled “Who will save man from climate change?”, also attended by Antonio Brunori, secretary-general of PEFC Italia.

Panguaneta's sustainability tour continues, also through the involvement in artistic and cultural projects that question the relationship with the environment and explore new forms of expression in the relationship with nature.