22 November 2021 / Events

"Panguaneta Sustainability Tour" @ Bergamo

Panguaneta participated in the “Meet the Champions” event in Bergamo, a tour organized by the ItalyPost Study Centre in collaboration with L'Economia of Il Corriere della Sera to talk about the industrial and business models of the best Italian SMEs.

The event held in Bergamo and moderated by Raffaella Polato, specialist reported for L'Economia of Il Corriere della Sera with the intervention of Caterina Della Torre, project leader of the Champions 2021 research, focused on sustainability as a competitive factor and added value for the environment, people and the territory. For Panguaneta it was an opportunity to submit its first Sustainability Report and future improvement objectives.

Read the article on the 22 November issue of L’Economia of Corriere della Sera.