02 December 2021 / Events

"Panguaneta Sustainability Tour" @ Milano

Miriam Tenca, CEO of Panguaneta, took part in the Second Forum for Sustainable Development organised by Regione Lombardia, an event that gathered various Lombard production sectors and good sustainability practices.

The speech delivered by the CEO of Panguaneta showed the sustainable management path that has been taken for years now and has culminated in 2021 with the drafting of the first Sustainability Report. The focus of the speech was the cooperation with the Oglio Sud Regional Park, with which Panguaneta implemented the first virtuous project including a “Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)” solution in the poplar growing sector, thus bringing the public sector closer to the private one. The project covers the safeguard and maintenance of hectares of wood, thus ensuring the preservation of natural resources.

Moreover, according to the FSC standard, Panguaneta also reported the verification activity relating to the benefits resulting from the responsible management of its activities through Azienda Agricola Rosa Anna e Rosa Luigia s.s. for four significant factors: conservation of biodiversity, carbon sequestration and storage, reduction of soil erosion and improvement of the landscape.

The participation of Panguaneta top management in the event attests to the company’s commitment to sustainability - an integral part of the company path - and willingness to spread it and make it accessible to all the parties involved.

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