03 October 2019 / Events

Panguaneta at the FSC National Assembly

Panguaneta was the protagonist of the 2019 FSC® General Assembly, which was held in Castelfranco d'Oglio, near Cremona, Italy, an important event that gathers the members to assess and discuss the development of standards, policies and procedures, thus joining forces for the future management of forests.

During the first part of the event, Miriam Tenca, CEO of Panguaneta, presented a detailed report on the project directlyon site, precisely at the Parco Oglio Sud, in cooperation with ETIFOR; it deals with an agreement for innovative environmental compensation and enhancement measures in compliance with the FSC® forest management requirements.

In fact, the company has signed the first Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) agreement in the field of sustainable poplar cultivation with Parco Oglio Sud within the Ecopay-Connect 2020 project. During her lecture, Miriam Tenca highlighted the opportunities deriving from the stipulation of this agreement, including the ability to cooperate with key stakeholders with reference to both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, as well as the importance of implementing monitoring actions based on the best information available. This virtuous and replicable cooperation may pave the way for the other poplar growers, urging them to achieve the FSC® certification and, consequently, increase the availability of certified raw materials on the market.