29 September 2017 / Events

Nicoletta Azzi to the General assembly of Pro-Populus

Nicoletta Azzi, as president of Assopannelli, association of Federlegno, took part on the 4th September in Valencia in the general assembly 2017 of Pro-Populus, European Association of poplar supply chain that reunites the main representatives of the sector.

The meeting that reunites the representatives of Italy, Belgium, Spain, France and Hungary, has been an occasion for an annual report of activities of the group. A climate of confidence, with positive signals from various Lands for his synergy commitment to address more areas to the poplar plantation. The main common aim is to put in centre and to incentivize the wood as raw material.

The attendees presented their relationships to do the point of the situation of the sector at a European level and to compare the future strategies, which are seen as next steps of the communication actions.

Nicoletta Azzi presented the situation of the section in Italy, where the “programma industria 4.0” is giving positive results, incentivizing important investments thanks to benefits. Regarding the plantations, a positive phase for the north regions (in particular Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Piemonte) has been registered beyond a meaningful growing to the certifications as PEFC and FSC, as confirmation of an even always-growing attention to a green and responsible production.

Moreover it has been emerged the necessity of a monitoring system of the consistency of plantations with the aim to have a strategical vision at a European level. In Spain there are already some projects of mapping, while in France has been activated a collaboration with the ministry of agriculture for a system of satellite survey that can study the hectares, the ages and the quality of plantations. These are virtuous examples of collaborations among category associations and government. Also in Italy and in the rest of Europe can start good practises in cooperation and promotion of the sector.

The next appointment for PorPopulus is planned for 2018.