Panguaneta, a leader in the field of Made-in-Italy poplar plywood, obtained the SGE Energy Management System certification issued by the DNV-GL international certification body according to the 50001 standard.

certificazione sistema 50001

The company decided to adopt this energy-saving protocol to reduce energy consumption and make its processes more efficient together with the adaptation of the current production systems used at the facility situated in Sabbioneta.

The development of the SGE Energy Management System helped carry out an in-depth internal investigation for the mapping of the processes which culminated with the identification –as a result of a careful analysis of the data - of specific improvement opportunities.

The main energy sources managed by Panguaneta are electricity, for the operation of plants and machines, and steam, for drying the wood: all the company efforts focus on these two aspects to develop improvement solutions able to reduce consumption and optimise the processes.

The new company layout avails itself of the most advanced technologies for industrial automation ensuring, at the same time, remarkable energy saving. The latest adjustments were intended to strengthen the energy consumption monitoring tools for each energy source with the aim of better identifying any criticality and develop specific actions to improve efficiency.

"The 50001 certification further strengthens our proven business path to take advantage of sustainability Miriam Tenca, CEO of Panguaneta, explains. It is an integrated approach intended to develop our business trying to protect and enhance at the same time the territory, the environment, safety and energy management. The 50001 certification is an important step for us, since it attests to our attention to global corporate sustainability, with the purpose of achieving a coherent and transparent growth from every point of view".