Greenline Industries has been partner of Panguaneta since many years. Now they are happy to announce the opening of their new branch in Las Vegas to service the West Coast of United States.

Greenline Industries has been servicing the United States market mainly from its main centre in Beaufort - South Carolina.
This year a new branch was opened in Las Vegas to service the West Coast and offer an even better service to its existing customers.

Mr. Randy Mikals, general manager of Greenline Industries explains: “Our company has expanded in all these years thanks to the selection of the best suppliers in terms of plywood and veneers. We are now a strong and vibrant company, providing high quality wood products through an extended network bringing to the market innvovative products that enhance the work of architects and builders.
Greenline has found in Panguaneta the core values about excellence and service. It’s those values that will allow both companies to develop the existing market and grow in many other sectors and applications, from cabinetry, furnishing to production of architectural panels for the construction and hospitality industry.
Thanks to Panguaneta proven success with all the other worldwide distributors Greenline has found a partner to add a higher value to our existing offer”.

Greenline West
6285 S Valley View Blvd, Ste E
Las Vegas, NV  89118
Branch Manager: Mrs. Sandy Jensen
Phone: 702-885-7478
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.