The Assopannelliā€™s president: Nicoletta Azzi, has participated at the "1st National Day trees and forests of Italy".

Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of PANGUANETA PLYWOOD, leader manufacturer of poplar plywood, and president of Assopannelli, the Italian Federation of Panels Manufacturers, during a press conference at Sicam Trade Show in Pordenone, made a plea to all the institutions: they have to support and incentivize the development of poplar growing, that represents for Italy the most important source of industrial wood.

On the occasion of the presentation of the new year objectives, Panguaneta owners communicated to their own associates the values which, also thanks to their efforts, succeeded in making the company a point of reference in the international panorama of the sector.

Over the last months, Nicoletta Azzi, CEO Panguaneta, has continued to develop her own commitment within the EPF (the federation that represents the European panel producers which, since last year have also included the producers of plywood) where the executive committee is established.

The Poplar, tree of life, and the EXPO legacy.
A wave of enthusiasm is still in the air for that epoch-making event which was able to unite Italy and the various sectors of the country in winning a challenge that had seemed to be an uphill task, and the initial query remains: what legacy has the EXPO left us?

Panguaneta is very proud to announce its presence at Hanson Plywood stand during Timber Expo 2015.

Also in 2015 Panguaneta is partner of Milano Fil Festival.

Panguaneta decided to join the English association Trade Timber Federation, to prove its presence on the English market and to allow further developments.

The Rimini Meeting, an End Summer appointment, gather every year important personalities: politicians, economy managers, exponents of religions and cultures, intellectuals, artists, athletes and protagonists of the world scenarios.

Earth Day 2015 - which occurs today April 22 - is at its forty-fifth edition.
It has already collected more than 1.1 billion shares and environmental commitments made by citizens around the world.
The first goal this year is to plant a billion trees or seeds. In Italy, were organized various events, which can be found here.