Nicoletta Azzi (Panguaneta S.p.A.) will be part of the executive committee as Treasurer.
The Brussels-based European Panel Federation (EPF) has appointed new directors and has ad- ded plywood producers as members for the first time. The required changes to its bylaws were adopted at a meeting of members held in Brussels from 24 to 26 March 2015.

The leading South Korean forestry newspaper published the interview with Panguaneta President Mr. Mauro Azzi.

Made for Makers, Designed for Designers. This is the slogan which we will use to present our updated product catalogue and our new ranges dedicated to “Furniture and Design”, and “Construction and Architecture”.

The Middle East region is an area where Panguaneta has been successfully investing in the last years, and where we have recently opened a Sales Office to properly follow all our contacts and grant them our usual high quality service.

After 55 years of striving and achieving a standard of excellence, Panguaneta feels even more confident and capable of offering targeted performances.

Alliance means cooperation in diversity, identifying common targets, mixing “the making culture“  with the project and the practice of the constructive exchange of views. The project Panguaneta – Fritzoe Engros represents a clear example of the idea of creating a cooperation between excellences. In this specific case, that means giving body to the idea of “network”.

FSC Friday is our annual celebration of responsible forestry and in 2014 it will take place on Friday the 26th of September!  Anybody can get involved in FSC Friday and the celebrations are international!

(EUWID issue 25.2014 18.06.2014 | Volume 88)

The Italian plywood manufacturer Panguaneta S.p.A., Sabbioneta, invested a total of €8.5m last year in the modernisation and expansion of further-processing and storage capacity at its plywood plant in Sabbioneta. Of that sum, roughly €5.5m were accounted for by investments in machinery and production lines; a further €3m were spent on the construction of a 3,000 m2 warehouse.

Joining efforts to increase the value of responsible forestry in the tropics.

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