Poplar, of course

The poplar is the tree of the 21st century, that guarantees the future. According to FAO, by 2050 wood used for industrial scopes will have to come only from plantations. This has been Panguaneta’s belief for more than a century and has contributed with its poplars to the sustainable economy and development of many industrial products.

Ecological Beauty

In the riverside embankments, nature achieves something extraordinary, season after season. It is here where the river breathes and where a bountiful biological exchange between the earth and water takes place. This is where the birds find a refuge and the banks feed birds and mammals. Along with a great number of tree species, poplars are the main feature of the fluvial landscape.

A thousand uses

Also when it is used as a mere buffer belt, the poplar testifies to its ecological and environmental value, boosting diverse, key parameters such as the quality of the water and air, biodiversity, desertification containment.

Forestry management

A know-how developed in the forestry cycle, the qualitative warranty is represented by Italian clones, among which is the famed I-214 and farming practices implemented according to the principles of biodiversity and respect for the ecosystems. The sharing of experimentations, know-how and techniques with historical suppliers and research institutes that have always been the company’s partners, gives rise to a prime material.

Guardians of the woods

Regulated by exclusive protocols and world class certifications, Panguaneta is an authentic guardian of the woods, with its production cycles and plant setups that respect the poplar’s natural life cycle. Modernity, experience and technology live in symbiosis, in respect for its own land.