15 septembre 2021 / Événements

Panguaneta and the project culture: Micromegàsuoni, an artwork between the forest and the city

Panguaneta formalises its commitment to sustainability by participating in artistic and cultural projects that question the relationship with the environment and explore new expressive possibilities within the relationship with nature. The company is a partner of Micromegàsuoni, one of the works of the first edition of SUPERBLAST, the artist residence project promoted by NAM (Not A Museum) the contemporary art program promoted by Manifattura Tabacchi of Florence, which, this year, is inspired by the reshaping of the relationships between men and environment, individual and community, nature and culture.

The installation, performed by IPER-Collettivo in collaboration with PEFC Italia, is a plywood sculpture made up of two identical totems placed in two communicating places: the city and the forest. The sound of the forest will be amplified by the shape of the structure, which acts as a sounding board for a sensorial communication between the city and nature.

“ We have already explored the concept of urban forests by taking part in the first edition of the World Forum On Urban Forests in Mantua in 2018. We are proud of our partnership with Micromegàsuoni as well as or of our ability to provide poplar wood from the Po Valley – Miriam Tenca, CEO of Panguaneta, says. The utmost attention paid to sustainability and the targets established by the 2030 United Nations agenda is in our DNA and at the basis of the corporate strategic plan. Our wood coming from Italian short supply chains meets the sustainable forest management standards defined by PEFC Italy, so we think that it can add value to works like Micromegàsuoni”.

The SUPERBLAST exhibition is open to the public from 16 to 18 September and displays the works of the six artists who won the international competition at the end of a residence period, during which they were immersedin the creative community and the interdisciplinary vision of ManifatturaTabacchi. The project www.supersuperblast.it, a digital archive of the survey carried out by the six artists, will be online from 19 September.

For further information: www.manifatturatabacchi.com/eventi/superblast-exhibition/.


Picture 1: the structure of Micromegàsuoni; picture by Federico Rainone.
Picture 2: the work assembled and positioned at Manifattura Tabacchi; picture by Giulia Landini.