9 mai 2023 / Événements

Panguaneta at the third "Future Respect" congress on sustainable companies with the packaging supply chain

Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of Panguaneta, took part in the third Future Respect Congress - Sustainable companies, practices and discussion, held in Rome from 4 to 6 May 2023.

This event took place on Friday 5 May during the “Product design to improve the use of wood and fight against illegality to the detriment of sustainable development” session, which welcomed the protagonists of the supply chain of Palm, an innovative manufacturer and designer of wooden pallets and customized packaging with low environmental impact. The involvement of Panguaneta in the debate confirms the key role played by the company in the strengthening of the local supply chains and the promotion of shared development.
The congress was held with the aim of encouraging the exchange of experiences, the interactions on trends, the promotion of networking and the awareness of the market as well as of consumers.