13 novembre 2020 / News

Panguaneta Plywood committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Panguaneta firmly believes in sustainable development in every area of the supply chain, through concrete actions. In our factory, individual work phases are certified, controlled and included in the circular economy practice.

Confirming a responsible commitment on the entire production process, Panguaneta obtained in 2018 and currently holds the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): an important tool related to the entire life cycle of the product (raw material, cutting, gluing , transport, emission values, waste management), useful for architects and designers in specifying the best products to meet the most rigorous environmental standards.

Panguaneta has developed, through the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) methodology, the study and quantification of its Carbon Footprint which has shown how in recent years the total emissions of our greenhouse gases have decreased not only thanks to the modernization of the production cycle, but also thanks to to the management of a modern and efficient biomass thermal power plant. The latter has allowed the reduction of methane combustion emissions leading to a reduction in CO2eq emissions of approximately 35%, from approximately 10,000 tons in 2014 to 6,399 tons in 2018.

The inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG inventory) has been realized in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14064-1: 2012 standard using the methodology for reporting greenhouse gases based on the guidelines of the GHG Protocol, drawn up by World Resources Institute and recognized by leading national programs.

Thanks to this further activity, Panguaneta will be committed, in the near future, to new actions / goals such as:

  1. GHG inventory annual update to monitor the trend of CO2eq emissions;
  2. Three-year development plan to identify potential actions to reduce CO2eq emissions;
  3. Corporate Climate Responsibility: improvement of the current level to obtain neutralization of our Carbon Footprint also by obtaining the Carbon Neutrality certification.