30 octobre 2019 / News

Panguaneta is a champion of sustainability. Poplar cultivation and natural services to respond to the climate crisis

Trees and plantations as the best allies to combat the negative impacts of climate change: a positive contribution comes from Italy to respond to the climate emergency with the certification of natural services of 352 hectares of poplar grove in the provinces of Mantua and Parma.

Panguaneta Plywood thus becomes the first major company in the wood sector to have obtained with its Rosa Anna and Rosa Luigia farmhouse verification of management impacts on four important factors such as biodiversity conservation, CO2 storage, soil erosion reduction and landscape improvement.

The company located in Sabbioneta, Unesco heritage, Mantova, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2020, has a long history of sustainability behind it: from the 0 km supply chain to the certification of products and processes according to recognized international standards, from the limitation of the use of pesticides to the use of processing waste for energy production, Panguaneta has recently signed an agreement with the Oglio Sud Regional Park for the management of 20 hectares of woodland in the floodplain area at the confluence between the Oglio and the Po rivers. The management agreement was signed to meet the requirements of the FSC® sustainable forest management standards, which require poplar growers to reserve at least 10% of the managed area for natural areas and biodiversity conservation programs.