18 juin 2019 / News

Panguaneta Partnership – Fritzoe Engros

In the amazing context of the Norwegian fjords, in the modern and young town of Åndalsnes, particularly loved by the tourists of the whole worlds for its beautiful natural environment, Panguaneta is contributing to the development of innovative and pioneering projects through a strategic partner: the company Fritzoe Engros AS.

The head office is in Larvik, but the company also includes different detachments with sales offices and warehouses in Åndalsnes and Drammen. Thanks to a widespread and detailed sales organisation, the company Fritzoe Engros AS is distributing its product all over Norway.

The Norwegian distributor supplies a wide range of panels for furniture, building and D.I.Y. industry. One of the most important fields of application is the industry of ship building and furnishing. In this field, the company Fritzoe Engros AS is involved in the supply of plywood for luxury yachts, cruise ships and work ships, which are designed to guarantee the maximum living comfort during the long periods spent at sea.

Panguaneta has found in the company Fritzoe Engros AS an ideal partner, with which it shares the constant research of innovative products, the attention to the latest market requirements and the ethical values concerning the respect for the environment and a sustainable use of certified wood.

Panguaneta and the branch of Fritzoe Engros AS located in Åndalsnes started their collaboration in 2005. The Norwegian company is working nowadays with leader suppliers from all over the world to grant the distribution of high quality products and to offer the market the most innovative ideas and the latest solutions.

In this context, the partnership between Fritzoe Engros AS and Panguaneta was born as natural consequence of the dynamic soul of both companies. This relationship represents today a bridge between the typically Italian creativity, sensibility and care for quality and the modernity, the attention to each detail and the continuous research for innovative solutions, which characterize the northern countries.

Panguaneta is particularly proud of this partnership, which is the key to offer to the Norwegian market the peculiarity of Italian poplar plywood, the quality of a reliable product, the confidence of a controlled supply chain, the perfect mix of technology and crafted know-how, which make “Made in Italy” appreciated all over the world..