5 juin 2020 / News

Panguaneta Spa among the 1,000 Champion Companies in 2020

Panguaneta Plywood has been listed by ItalyPost - Centre for Economical Studies - among the top 1,000 Italian Champion companies that will lead Italy out of the Covid tide. The full list was published in March on L’Economia, a magazine of the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The report underlines that “… despite a slowdown, these companies seem absolutely capable of bypassing an evident phase of stagnation created by the Covid pandemia. Before the events that are upsetting the Italian economy, the forecasts for 2020 were in fact still largely positive, it is now evident that 2020 will be marked by less flattering results. What seems probable, however, is that, as in the Great Crisis of 2008 - 2009, thanks to greater liquidity, better human resources, and never ending investments, allowed them to be among the first ready to restart as markets began to recover.

Panguaneta has been recognized as a market benchmark in the production of plywood, thanks to industrial changes resulting from sixty years of activity, thus promoting the innovation of the production processes, the ability to manage any criticality and to anticipate the trends and needs of the markets thanks to an undisputed innovative sales strategy, in-depth knowledge of the industry, the top-quality services and products with increasing attention paid to sustainability and the total traceability of the supply chain.

Modern and competitive, Panguaneta boasts today an extremely qualified sector position; still a family-run company, it has been able to grow and reinvent itself by investing its profits in process and product innovation, thus reaching the international markets all over the world. Today, Panguaneta exports 90% of its production worldwide.

Now, this solid, innovative and constantly growing company is facing an anomalous year due to the current health emergency. However, despite the present difficulty, Panguaneta is committed to safeguarding the corporate system for the sake of its workers, and the whole supply chain, including its stakeholders and customers”.