12. Oktober 2020 / News

Nicoletta Azzi ends her four-year term of office as president of Assopannelli

On Thursday 10 September, during the general assembly of Assopannelli (the National Association which gathers the manufacturers of panels and semi-finished wood products), held by videoconference, Nicoletta Azzi, managing director of Panguaneta, left the office of president. The newly elected council has appointed Paolo Fantoni new President of Assopannelli for the 2020-2024 period.

Nicoletta Azzi has thus ended her four-year term of office as president after her election in 2016. Her focus was the improvement of the relationships with the member companies, to increase their sense of belonging.

“The Association has always been committed to providing concrete and constant support to its members, always paying the utmost attention to any market change both in Italy and abroad,” Nicoletta Azzi, CEO of Panguaneta, explains. Therefore, recently, Assopannelli has constantly worked to expand and strengthen its membership base, especially in the field of semi-finished products, and to get closer to entrepreneurs. “With this in mind, another group – the fourth - has been established for plywood, chipboards, semi-finished products and decorative surfaces, with the aim of enhancing this raw material, which is regarded as a strategic component of the production process”, Nicoletta Azzi says.

Another important focus was the enhancement of local raw materials coming from sustainable sources, such as poplar groves, intended as crucial elements for the whole wood-furniture supply chain. Nicoletta Azzi, during the last period of her office, had to face a health emergency. “We must try to ensure continuity to this ethical approach associated with the cultivation of poplar, which cannot be held back by the current crisis: on the contrary, we must seize all the opportunities to improve our business. For example, we could use satellites to monitor the growth of the crops, so as to optimize the cutting planning and the supply to the market.” Currently, the Association has moved to the following stage with the aim of quantifying the contribution of poplar groves in terms of ecosystem services, and giving it the proper financial value through the promotion of Climate Growth Certificates.