These are Bouttens principles: the culture of alliance, cooperation and “making system” with strategic partners to increase the competitivity.

The choice of using the network as working method  implies/means setting aside the idea of “unilateral leadership” to give space to “cooperation”.
These are our principles: the culture of alliance, cooperation and “making system” with strategic partners to increase our competitivity. Panguaneta has been the first company of the sector to develop such kind of  cooperation, promoting and sponsoring many projects aimed to realize a system to serve  customers in an appropriate, fast, innovative and modern way.
In the era of the global competition it’s necessary to reach the appropriate dimensions in matter of resources, productive capacity and infrastructures.

Our company is aiming to make agreements with strategic partners that, thanks to their organizations, might increase the added value of our brand and, in the meantime, allow us to develop a widespread distribution that we couldn’t manage directly from our head office. The company Bouttens represents for us one of the higheest-potential strategic partners, to enhance our presence in a very important market like Belgium. Thanks to previous and lasting similar experiences with other strategic partners with other strategic worldwide partners, we strongly believe in this alliance.

Luc Leveque, C.E.O. Bouttens, underlines that: "Nowadays is essential to develop a network. In an extremely fragmented market, the creation of a network between production and distribution/logistics represents the new way of doing business. To remain competitive the companies must learn to ally and share their own excellences. Panguaneta has been one of the first companies to understand and anticipate the market changes and the new challenges. The success of our partnership is the proof of the philosophies and strategic main-lines of the two Companies. Bouttens has  his own transport company which, in partnership with its subcontractor, has 15 semi-trailers equipped with an on-board trolley. We make an average of 200 deliveries per day throughout Belgium. Our drivers are a safe bet having confidential contact with customers in their region. Our own logistics guarantee fast and correct deliveries, highly appreciated by our customers".