Rosa Anna & Rosa Luigia farm

The Rosa Anna and Rosa Luigia farm was founded in 1978 for the agricultural use of floodplain areas particularly suitable for the cultivation of poplars.

To protect their wives and children from any twist of fate, Giuliano and Antonio bought the first poplar groves and assigned them to Luigia and Anna, an intimate and personal decision, but also a public recognition of their value and role in the company. It is the natural development of the centuries-old tradition of Lower Mantua, and the dowry of the daughters was made up of small plots.

Starting from a small plot in the province of Mantua, over the years, the company has increased its surface both by both purchasing land and acquiring state property concessions or land to be cultivated, thus expanding its business.

In 2006, the farm joined the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) protocols, the independent organization that promotes environmentally and socially sustainable management of forests and plantations worldwide, with positive effects from an economic and business point of view. From that moment on, poplar groves have been grown according to the rules defined by this protocol and are subjected to regular audits by the certifying body.

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