Fritzoe Engros

The choice of using the network as working method means setting aside the idea of “unilateral leadership” to give space to “cooperation”.

These are our principles: the culture of alliance, cooperation and “networking” with strategic partners to increase our competitivity.

Scandinavian markets demonstrated a high level of consciousness about Panguaneta products. Our partner Fritzoe Engros has a perfect organized distribution network and the possibility to serve the markets of Norway, Sweden, and through the recent acquisition of DLH, becoming the largest most experienced importer and distributor of wood-based panel products in Scandinavia. This is a strong achievement to allow customers to get access to Panguaneta. End users within the furniture industry, retail, cabinet makers represent our focuses to satisfy the demand for designing, refitting and delivering turnkey cabins, in the fields of both newbuilding and refurbishment.

Jo Andre Herje - Fritzoe Engros Business Development Manager: “Our group is aiming to make agreements with strategic partners. Panguaneta has a strong brand which gives an added value to enhance our presence in a very important market like Scandinavia. Nowadays is essential to develop a network. In an extremely fragmented market, the creation of a network between production and distribution/logistics represents the new way of doing business. To remain competitive the companies must learn to ally and share their own excellences. This partnership is the proof of the philosophies and strategic main-lines of the two Companies. We congratulate Panguaneta family for the impressive results of these last years and of course for their 60th anniversary”.

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