The company pursues its environmental mission with passion, undertaking tangible initiatives, increasing a higher ecologic sensibility and achieving specific certifications which grant that wood comes from forest which have been managed responsibly by following rigorous environmental, social and economic standards (FSC® and PEFC.)

Panguaneta is certified in accordance with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)a key instrument that analyses the whole product life cycle and assesses its global environmental impact. The EPD certification allows Panguaneta’s customers to use its products in applications and projects that meet the most demanding environmental prescriptions.

Panguaneta takes part in international events and round tables in the sector, shares its expertise in forestry topics, and pursues a commitment to the best industrial practices that contribute towards the achievement of a balanced global ecosystem.

Even in difficult times due to the pandemic crisis, we are committed to the sustainability of our products and have obtained another important certification that grants the environmental friendliness of our products: the Blauer Engel German certification.

The path undertaken by the company to share its performance with the stakeholders reached the goal in 2021 both with the drafting and later with the certification of the Sustainability Report by DNV. Panguaneta opted for the certification of the first financial statements to ensure the maximum accuracy and compliance with international standards, thus granting transparent communications.

Click here to download the Panguaneta 2020 Sustainability Report and the 2021-22 Sustainability Report Update.