18 December 2017 / News

Panguaneta was honoured at Assopannelli Assembly in Mantua

After 40 years from its foundation, Assopannelli did homage to Panguaneta, to territory and to raw material that perfectly responds to requisites of circularity and then to the centre of actual debate on Green Economy. During the Annual Assembly of Assopannelli, which took place the last 5th december at Confindustria in Mantua, has been given an award in occasion of the important anniversary of first companies of association: among award winners also Panguaneta, active in foreground in FederlegnoArredo since 1969, firstly in Gruppo Pannelli and then in Assopannelli, from its first year of foundation.

The workshop "40 years of territory of excellences of territory- tradition, innovation, sustainability. The continuous cycle of wood raw material of panels” has been liven up from the participation of Roberto Tonetti of Regione Lombardia, from the Euro Member of Parliament Massimiliano Salini, form the director of foundation Symbola Domenico Sturabotti and from the president of Rilegno Nicola Semeraro. Focus of the discussion has been the value of poplar plantation and of Made in Italy panel, that seen national companies at first places of research and innovation also in the wood recycling. President of Confindustria Mantova Alberto Marenghi, President of Province of Mantua Beniamino Morselli and president of FederlegnoArredo Emanuele Orsini were also present to the event.