25 October 2021 / Events

"Panguaneta Sustainability Tour" @ Mantova

Panguaneta participated in "L'impresa della sostenibilità" ("The enterprise of sustainability"), an event organized by the Young Entrepreneurs of Mantova during “TERRA 2050 FESTIVAL. CREDENZIALI PER IL NOSTROFUTURO” (“EARTH 2050 FESTIVAL. CREDENTIALS FOR OUR FUTURE”), an initiative revolving around sustainable development and its complexity.

The meeting focused also on industrial production, and Panguaneta told and shared with three other Mantuan companies its corporate path and best practices in terms of sustainability, circular economy and safeguard of the environment.

“Our history and our sustainable business are strongly rooted in the territory, therefore we are glad that we could shareour commitment to enhancing the local raw material with other companies and young entrepreneurs - Nicoletta Azzi, AD of Panguaneta and participant in the event, says. We believe in a way of doing business that focuses on ethics and global sustainability: this is our path and we described in our first Sustainability Report.”

The Report certifies the reduction of CO2 polluting emissions released during the production process, the production of thermal energy from 90% renewable sources and the reduction of formaldehyde emissions from Panguaneta panels with stricter limits than those required by law.

Besides Nicoletta Azzi from Panguaneta, Silvano Melegari from ARIX, Carlo Giovanardi from GIOVANARDI and Massimiliano Ghizzi from TEA took part in the meeting.