15 March 2023 / Events

PANGUANETA participates at the FIBOPAN event organized by the French Group SAMSE

On 15 March 2023, the Fibopan Convention was held in Chateauneuf sur Isère. Fibopan is a group of brands, specialists in panel distribution that is developing independently within the SAMSE Group.

Distributor of building materials and tools, the Samse Group extends in France through a dense network of 350 stores, through which they provide services and develop sustainable and innovative projects in the construction and furniture sector.
The event was attended by all 19 agencies grouped under the banner of Mauris Bois, Ollier Bois, Socobois and Henry Timber.
Giorgio Morini, Panguaneta Sales and Marketing Director, personally attending the event: "we confirm the company’s strong commitment to the development of collaboration with the Samse Group. Sharing the experience of our brands, the collaboration between Panguaneta and the Samse Group aims to give industry players the power of a network. The goal is to facilitate procurement and services, inspire each other and innovate constantly in an effective way".