21 June 2024 / Events

Panguaneta open the doors to poplar growers: a strong supply chain for a high-quality product

In the last days, we welcomed a group of forestry agronomists and poplar growers who were interested in discovering how poplar logs can be turned into plywood panels with unique characteristics.

During the visit, the team had the chance to see the finished product firsthand, understand how to meet market demands across different application fields, and appreciate the critical importance of the chain of custody. The event was organized by Dr. Eugenio Cagnoni of Studio Pro.Terr.A., who specializes in consulting for PEFC™ forest certification.

We are thrilled about this sharing opportunity, which encourages us to exchange information and goals, in order to promote the development of skills and increase the added value of a supply chain renowned as an excellence of Made in Italy.