01 February 2023 / News

Panguaneta towards carbon neutrality within the bioclimate project: protection of the Po river territories for biodiversity and climate change mitigation

Panguaneta joins WOWnature, the reforestation and environmental protection platform developed by Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua.

After having measured and reduced the emissions related to its activity, Panguaneta intends to capture the remaining emissions by safeguarding Boschi del Fiume Po, the territories along the Po river, and Canneto sull'Oglio through the granting of funds to the BioClima project.
This project, co-financed by the Lombardy Region, aims to preserve the water, biodiversity and the CO2 absorption and storage capacity of regional parks.
Together with this commitment, Panguaneta has developed a major investment plan for the production of electricity from renewable sources, with the purpose of neutralizing the emissions related to the company's production activities in the next years.

WOWnature is the Etifor initiative that helps citizens, organizations and companies grow new forests and protect the existing ones, in compliance with the highest forest management standards.

For further information, click here: https://www.wownature.eu/aziende/i-nostri-partner/panguaneta/

The areas supported by Panguaneta

Canneto sull'Oglio

Boschi del Fiume Po