Knaus Tabbert - Germany

An exclusive motor caravan to experience luxury and elegance featuring Panguaneta top-end products.

KNAUS SUN I - The exclusive one

Perfect in every detail, to experience inspirational luxury and athletic elegance that impresses, whether on long motorway routes in the north or on winding country roads in the south. In addition to its impressive appearance, the SUN I also convinces with its brilliant interior, such as the heated double floor with a yacht look or the high‐quality leather upholstery, distinct edges and optimised proportions.

Panguaneta top-end products ILOMBA-SUPERIOR and PIOPPO-SUPERIOR were selected as a support for the interior cabinets design.

Knaus Tabbert is one of the leading manufacturer of motorhomes, caravans and camper vans (CUV) in Europe. The company stands for first‐class quality, innovations and many years of experience.

Project informations

Knaus Tabbert
Area of use
Caravan & Motorhomes
Jandelsbrunn, Germany