03 May 2022 / Events

“Plywood for future”: Panguaneta plywood takes part in Brera Design Week with Pangua Panka, to imagine a sustainable future

Giving shape to values: Panguaneta will participate in Brera Design Week, an event to be held from 6 to 12 June 2022, with the project “PLYWOOD FOR FUTURE” and the two bench modules Pangua Panka.

The installations in Largo La Foppa and Corso Garibaldi will tempt design lovers to stop and rediscover the value of the Italian poplar plywood and its short supply chain: a circular material that loves the environment, the people and the territory.

“The two bench modules Pangua Panka at Brera Design Week call to take a little break in the hectic days of the design week to rediscover the values of sustainability, which are part of our history and territory” - Miriam Tenca, CEO of Panguaneta, explains. “They offer the opportunity to reflect and touch first-hand the Italian poplar, an extraordinary raw material with a short supply chain, a precious asset for those who work it, the projects in which it is involved and the whole local network that benefits from all the steps, from its cultivation to its processing. The commitment to the protection of the environment and people is deeply rooted in our family history and is our way to imagine and build the future day after day. We relied precisely on these values to draw up the first Sustainability Report that we are going to present at Brera Design Week to launch our message: future is now.”

The “PANGUA PANKA” benches
Some small plywood panels placed vertically define the two seats of the module, held together by the core structure: this choice highlights the natural beauty of raw material thanks to the plywood sheet processing. The central panel is also unrefined to enhance the made-in-Italy poplar.

The message of Panguaneta embodies the theme that has inspired Brera Design Week: “Designing the PRESENT, choosing the FUTURE”: the installations will offer the important opportunity to reflect on how responsible corporate choices may lead to a sustainable future.