03 March 2023 / Events

Commission Panneaux Nebopan

The Commission Panneaux Nebopan met on 1 -3 March at our company in Sabbioneta. The meeting between the main members of the group was held at the beautiful chambers in Palazzo Forti and the day continued with a tour of the city of Sabbioneta and its main monuments. The participants then reached the Panguaneta company and were able to visit the plant, learn more about our production cycle and see and touch our finished product. The participants were members of: Grosjean Solutions Bois, Descamps bois, Ets J Corne, Hout Luyten, Martens Hout, RATHEAU SAS, Partedis, B comme bois : Bouney - Beaumartin - Batibois - BATS - BAI, Parlons Bois, CIFFREO BONA, LALLIARD, Jean Hue - Socoda - Armor Bois - Armor Plafond Isolation , Machot-Bois.

Nebopan was founded in 1994 and is the first French group of independent specialists operating in the wood and wood products sector. The group relies on the pooling of resources and the sharing of experiences and allows each company to develop in accordance with its strategy by benefiting from the many actions carried out in common.

The group is today represented by:

  • 23 SMEs from wood, panels and its derivatives
  • 85 distribution points
  • 2000 employees
  • 30000 customers
  • 1000 suppliers
  • 2021 turnover: € 773 million

The Nebopan group has also signed with the French group Sylvalliance a commercial cooperation contract called Woodalliance. It is precisely an alliance between these two French CMEM affiliates in order to bulk up purchases and facilitate exchanges between group members.