14 April 2022 / News

20th anniversary of FSC®: an award is given to the Azienda Agricola Rosa Anna e Rosa Luigia s.s. farm in Panguaneta

At the Botanical Garden of Padua, FSC® Italia celebrated its first twenty years of activity: a special occasion to retrace the growth of the international body committed to the promotion of sustainable management of forests and plantations.

During the event, FSC® bestowed an award on the Rosa Anna and Rosa Luigia s.s. farm of Panguaneta, FSC® certified since 2006.
In 2019, the company obtained the assessment of the benefits deriving from sustainable management of its activities - thanks to the technical support of Etifor, a spin-off of the University of Padua - with an evaluation of four important factors according to the FSC® international certification procedure: biodiversity, CO2 storage, soil erosion reduction and landscape improvement.

The ECOPAY-CONNECT OGLIO SUD project favoured the cooperation with FSC® with the signature in 2018 of the first PES (Ecosystem service payment) contract in the sustainable poplar cultivation sector, culminating with the agreement for the management of some areas of the Oglio Sud Regional Park. According to this agreement, the Azienda Agricola Rosa Anna and Rosa Luigia s.s. farm shall manage and enhance relevant areas of the natural ecosystems equal to 10% of the certified surface: a virtuous model both for the company, which meets the certification standards, and for the Park, which minimizes the management costs.