03 April 2019 / News

Panguaneta is among the 600 best Italian SMEs

Panguaneta has been awarded as one of the 600 Italian SMEs who are boosting the economy in Italy: this award comes from the analysis made by the Study Center of Italy post for L’Economia, the finance weekly magazine of the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, presented on occasion of the event "L’Italia genera futuro" (“Italy is breeding future”). Panguaneta has experienced extraordinary growth performances during the last years, thanks to its considerable investments in innovation and technology and to a significant renewal of its production plants, focusing on business sustainability and on environmental certifications as a way to improve its competitive position.

The results achieved by Panguaneta meet the standards required by the Study Center of Italy Post to be included among the 600 most virtuous Italian small and medium-sized companies, confirming that it can face the challenges of the global market with substance, flexibility and stability. Some of the excellence standards required are analysis of budget and profitability, management and organisation, internationalisation, high levels of employments, approach based on investments and development.

Thanks to the constant increase of its turnover, Panguaneta has obtained one of the best ratings among the Champions.

Today Panguaneta confirms its position as a modern and competitive company, who has invested to make the whole production process more efficient and sustainable. It’s a family business who has been able to grow and to reinvent itself investing its profit in process and product innovation. It’s a company who has been able to open up to the whole world. Today Panguaneta is actually exporting the 85% of its production towards 25 different countries.

Panguaneta has added to the expertise of its employees and to its know how built in 60 years of company history new technologies and equipment to be more fast, flexible and competitive in its market niche, which requires high specialization. This process of growth is part of the DNA of the company, whose aim is to always guarantee the best quality of its products, to create new business models and to make industrial production more and more automatic and interconnected, as required by a constantly changing global market.

The growth of Panguaneta represents a benefit for its territory, since it offers an important input to its economic and employment development.

"We are really proud of this result, which is confirming our engagement in investing and developing a family business at its third generation, which has never stopped believing in future - Nicoletta Azzi, Panguaneta AD, says. - We think that in these years of deep changes both in society and in the markets, it is necessary to bravely continuing to invest in innovation and responsible production, creating value for our company and for our territory. We are engaged in the next future to develop further steps forward working in synergy with our whole supply chain. It’s a strong commitment, which is teaching us not to walk alone, but to grow together with our partners and to represent Italian manufacture and the short chain of poplar Made in Italy in the whole world."