22 January 2019 / News

Panguaneta on Il Legno in December 2018

The attention to the environment and sustainable production is the focus of those companies which invest in materials, technological innovation and certifications to improve the sustainability of their products and production processes along the whole supply chain.

This topic was discussed at the conference called "La Sostenibilità d'Impresa. Innovazione Ricerca Ambiente Progetto Certificazioni" (Corporate Sustainability. Innovation Research Environment Project Certification) which took place in Milan on the occasion of the Brera Design Days 2018 event.

The debate started with the experience of Panguaneta, the promoter of the conference, and involved Nicola di Battista, Head Editor of the L'Architetto magazine; Guido Callegari, Associate Professor of Architectural Technology at the Polytechnic University of Turin; Valeria Fazio, Senior Manager of BDO Italia - Sustainable Innovation; Alessandro Leonardi, CEO and co-founder of Etifor Valuing Nature, Padua University Spin-off, with the participation of Legnolandia, Sadepan Chimica, Tecnoform and FSC Italia. The moderator of the conference was the journalist Sebastiano Barisoni.

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